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GoodLook Studios is a full service recording facility complete with lounge and kitchenette. We specialize in urban, contemporary and pop music as well as commercial voiceovers, production and songwriting. A joint collaboration between former artist, producer and engineer, Golden, along with Youtube sensation, piano superman, producer and composer David Sides. GoodLook Studios brings together talented artists and producers to achieve our clients vision.

Full Protools HD rig. Apogee Conversion. BeesNeez, Neumann, microphones. GreatRiver and other boutique mic pres, SB 4001 buss compressor, Buzz Essence opto compressor, (2) Maag Audio eq4, Taylor 414ce, Kush UBK -1. Waves Mercury Bundle, McDSP, Sountoys, NI Machine, Sonalksys, Event Opals and Behritone mixcubes, 5.1 Blue Sky system, DBX 160x, AutoTune, Melodyne, Gladiator, Massive, Guitar Rig, and many more VST and plug ins.

RATES: Start at $65 per hour
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